Estate Planning


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  • When an individual passes away in Canada, that doesn’t mean they’re done paying taxes. In fact there are several tax consequences that can be triggered when a person passes more »
  • What do you do if you are a pensioner and you are in need of money and the only thing of value you own is your house? Well, you might want to think about getting a reverse more »
  • An executor is a person that has been named as such in a will by a deceased more »
  • Technically, there are no estate taxes in Canada but there are tax implications once a person has more »
  • Grief is not an easy process when you have lost a loved one. It’s even worse if after the reading of a will, you feel the deceased was unfair to you, or you have been more »
  • In simple terms, probate is the process of legally validating a will and processing it through court. Probating a will is not necessarily mandatory in Canada, and there can be significant costs to more »
  • The television ads show happy married people knocking items off their bucket lists, but the reality is many couples are going their separate ways instead of spending their retirement years more »
  • An executor is the person named in a will who manages the estate of someone who has died. It involves collecting assets, managing finances, and dividing up the estate as specified in the more »